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Wulin Inn · Sun Yao Volume-Bu Feiyan

Wulin Inn · Sun Yao Volume-Bu Feiyan
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Region: Albania
Expiry Date: long-term effectiveness
Posted Date: 2022-09-29
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 After that, poisons appeared one after another, and the flying centipede defeated the money spider and the fire cloud scorpion, but it was entangled by the wire snake and swallowed up. The snakehead was no match for Jin Shougong, and Jin Shougong was defeated by the dragon falcon. What was left in the field now was this dragon falcon, which was neither a bird nor a beast. Its body was like a bird, but it had a snake head and a snake neck. Its body was covered with scales, and its back was covered with two pairs of fleshy wings. The bird's voice was shrill, its two wings were spread out, and the fishy wind was overflowing. The claws are long and the beak is sharp, the force can split the tiger and fight the leopard, the scales on the body can not be cut into, it is really born fierce, almost invincible. Sure enough, the dragon falcon looked around in the field, and the Miao people did not dare to put poison into the field to fight again. Earlier, the man shouted a few times, as if to ask if anyone dared to challenge. The dragon falcon seemed to be deliberately showing off its power, swaggering, staring at each other, huffing and puffing with a long letter, ferocious and brazen. All the Miao people were shocked by it. The man called out a few times, but no one answered. Just as he was about to announce the result of the meeting, he suddenly heard a man say,pallet rack shelving, "How about I try?" Yichuan's eyes soared, and when he saw the crowd separating, Li Qingchou walked slowly in. www.xiaoshuotxt.,com Bewitching God Plunder Chapter 6 This Day Frowns Five Arrays from T. Xt `Xiao ~ Shuo ~ Tian ~ Tang I haven't seen you for a few days, and Li Qingchou is somewhat relieved. His long gown was still clean, but his face was a little haggard. When he walked out slowly, the person who presided over the meeting frowned and said with a smile, "This brother,metal racking systems, please." "" Please, "said Li Ching-chou lightly. "I'm in Xiamutian," said the man. "I'm the Lord of Huohuo Dong. Today I have to pay my respects to Gao Yan. How lucky I am?" But Li Qingchou just said lightly, "I know." Mutian was slightly stunned and said, "Today's treasure fighting meeting is a gathering of the eighteen Dong people in the Miao territory to fight for the position of the demonic God. Brother Tai wants to compete, but it's not in line with the usual practice." "Where is your evil mother?" Asked Li Ching-chou. Mu Tian was startled and said, "Brother, do you also know Gu Mu?"? It's just that Miaojiang hasn't had a bewitching mother for thirty years. Li Ching-chou said, "Oh," and said, "If you don't have a bewitching mother, why are you fighting for the position of a bewitching God?" Mutan sighed and said, "That's right, brother.". It's just a habit that has been built up for many years, and it's hard to correct it for a while. Let's just think of it as bringing our neighbors together and enjoying a one-day tour. "In that case," said Li Ching-chou coldly, "you might as well give me the position of the bewitching God." As soon as this remark was made, automated warehouse systems ,High Density Storage Drive In Rack, the audience immediately made a great uproar. Miao people's temperament is rough, this committed their taboo, where will there be any scruples? All kinds of strange and strange curses were heard all at once, and the quarrel was incessant. With a wave of his hand, Mutian stopped the man's voice and said in a deep voice, "So you're here to make trouble?" Li Ching-chou did not move at all and said, "If you can't win my poison, then of course you're making trouble. Otherwise.." He smiled faintly and said, "I'm afraid I'm bringing disgrace on myself." Although Mutan had a high level of self-restraint, he could not help getting angry. "In that case," he said coldly, "I'd like to ask you to release the poison." Li Ching-chou, however, did not move. Staring at him, she said, "But I don't know if you can afford to lose." Mutan looked up to the sky and laughed. "I've been a Dong Lord for a few years," he said. "There's nothing else. I still have hundreds of thousands of taels of gold. How about we bet one hundred thousand taels?" Li Ching-chou smiled faintly and said, "Lord Dong, how about looking at this thing first?" He took something out of his bosom and brought it to Mutian. That thing is a bead, the size of a grain of rice, light without any brilliance, can not see what strange place. But Mutian's face changed. "Avoid poison beads?" "Lord Dong really has a good eye," said Li Ching-chou. Mutian was in a daze and said, "Since you have this pearl, all the poisons in the world can't get close to you. This is the position of the God.." The position of the bewitching God. Li Ching-chou cut off his mouth and said, "This poison-avoiding bead is my first prize. I have another poison to compete with. Don't worry, Lord Dong.". But what is the first prize of the Dong Lord? Mutian could not speak. You should know that the Poison Avoidance Bead is the inner elixir of the ancient Lazy Dragon. It is said that it can avoid all kinds of poisons in the world. Holding this protection, straight can be said to be rampant in Miao territory, especially for the Miao people who specialize in raising evil spirits, it is the supreme treasure. Miao people all around stared at this small bead, all of them were envious. But such a treasure, what can match it, can be the same as the first prize? Mutian's heart sank. He lost the battle before it was over! Li Ching-chou said slowly, "Lord Dong has a treasure, too. Why don't you take it out and have a try?" "What treasure do I have?" Asked Mutan. "Mu Ling!" Said Li Ching-chou. Mu Tian was taken aback. "Impossible!" He said flatly. Li Qingchou smiled, "I knew the Miao people were too narrow-minded to lose." Mutian laughed and said, "Your excellency may use your tongue to your advantage. If I say I'm not tempted, I won't be tempted." "So," said Li Ching-chou, "is the Lord of Dong going to give way to him in the position of a bewitching God?" "If you want to do it, just do it," said Mutan. "But I don't know who should be in charge of Mu Ling," said Li Ching-chou. Mu Tian was stunned. His face became more and more gloomy. "So you are determined to take away the treasure of my clan?" Li Ching-chou said with a smile, "If Lord Dong wins, he will have two treasures." Mu Tian gave a wry smile and said, "You can avoid all the poisons in the world, and you can absorb all the poisons. What is the virtue and ability of the Dong people? You can have both." Li Qingchou smiled and did not answer, which was different from Shicai's aggressiveness. Yichuan suddenly realized that Li Qingchou must have been hit by the invisible evil, so he wanted to take the wooden spirit for his own use! But I don't know what kind of bewitching he raised, which can compete with the Miao people who have raised bewitching for generations? This treasure fighting meeting is very interesting. Mutian had already come out of the field, leaving only Li Qingchou. Instead of getting out of the way, he carefully pulled something out of his bosom and put it on the red carpet. He stood on one side and did not care about the fierce dragon falcon at all. The dragon falcon seemed to be extremely afraid of the poison beads on his body,Automated warehouse systems, and did not dare to approach Li Qingchou's side three feet, only circling around him, not with a roar and a stream of fishy saliva. kingmoreracking.com
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