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sonicator homogenizer

sonicator homogenizer
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Region: Algeria
Expiry Date: long-term effectiveness
Posted Date: 2022-06-08
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 Super single-wave transducer is sonicator homogenizer the heart of the ultrasonic products and mechanical and electrical equipment is particularly important. Its high frequency high voltage power supply to send electrical box, converted to high-frequency mechanical vibration, the power output up to many kilowatts, so its stability and power output is quite important to the operation of the machine performance, also is the most valuable in the equipment, it is the key to manifest the value of the whole machine.
In the field of industrial applications, with the rapid development of ultrasonic metal processing equipment and technology, ultrasonic metal processing equipment application is more and more widely, and the study of ultrasonic cleaning equipment metal processing equipment in the further. Industrial production process, the diversity of metal surface treatment technology, the traditional processing methods cannot meet the higher technological requirements, as well as high efficiency, environmental protection, give attention to two or morethings portable, simple operation and so on; Ultrasonic cleaning equipment to replac the traditional metal processing equipment of blasting, sand blasting, pickling, such as ultrasonic cleaning equipment, has unique advantages in industrial ultrasonic molten metal metal surface treatment, such as cleaning, degreasing, roughen the surface, surface coating removal, surface oxide layer removal, welding before cleaning, local heat treatment after welding, etc. Compared with the traditional process, the use of ultrasonic metal processing equipment material surface quality got improved after cleaning process, clean the precision and efficiency are greatly improved. Today, ultrasonic cleaning technology has become to the metal processing equipment reliable technology, a large number of different base material surface cleaning objects include carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, copper, titanium alloy, glass and composite materials, etc., its friction, non-contact cleaning process, does not involve the use of solvents, chemicals or grinding medium, no secondary pollution, so is very suitable for surface cleaning and rust removing/cleaning/degreasing. Suitable for small or large, and the cleaning process can be automated.
Machine manufacturers may for different ultrasonic spray nozzle purposes and objectives of the nominal power of the machine have different rules, in other words, the same rated power transducer used in different machines may be different. To avoid to produce toki righteousness, the customer should specify the structural type of transducer, such as column, pour the horn, and the diameter of the piezoelectric ceramic chip and the number of pieces.
Ultrasonic is a kind of mechanical wave, ultrasonic welding transducer ultrasonic is a kind of sound waves. The human ear can hear the sound of around 16 ~ 20000 hz frequency range, so the above 20 KHZ frequency of sound waves called ultrasonic. The application of ultrasonic technology is usually divided into detection of two kinds of ultrasonic and ultrasonic wave. Detection ultrasound is a passive application of ultrasonic technology, such as the acquisition of material inside information of the wave characteristics of using ultrasonic ultrasonic NDT technology; The ultrasonic wave is the active application of ultrasonic technology, such as ultrasonic cleaning.
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