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ultrasonic cutting machine

ultrasonic cutting machine
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Region: Algeria
Expiry Date: long-term effectiveness
Posted Date: 2022-06-08
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 Ultrasonic is refers to the vibration ultrasonic cutting machine frequency is more than more than 20000 hz, the vibration of the second number (frequency) very high form of broadcast. Ultrasonic technique as a relatively mature technology, prompt the development of ultrasonic mist mechanism for more and more widely, ultrasonic mist mechanism for manufacturers more and more, this leads to the quality of the ultrasonic mist mechanism.
First of all, to analyze the effect of ultrasonic mist mechanism will need to first understand the ultrasonic mist mechanism for quality shell are the main parts, circuit boards, epoxy resin and wafer. Shell directly affects the quality of ultrasonic mist heat and corrosion mechanism, the design of the circuit board will affect the life of the atomizer and atomization quantity, the size of the epoxy resin will affect the sealing effect. Which can be compared to the ultrasonic mist mechanism for quality differences.
High quality ultrasonic mist mechanism ultrasonic generator driver compared inferior ultrasonic mist mechanism, has the product service life is long, the shell is not easy to corrosion, a large amount of fog, the advantages of the cavity can replac aluminum chip. Ultrasonic ultrasonic atomizer mist mechanism, industry information, ten head atomizer, ten head ultrasonic atomizer, products all adopt the copper shell production, circuit board design has more than 10 years experience in senior engineering development, USES white best epoxy resin sealing, providing customers with the highest ratio of ultrasonic mist mechanism.
Ultrasonic grinding equipment with ultrasonic metal welding the characteristics of cold plastic deformation under the status of the metal, by adopting the technology of ultrasonic grinding equipment for surface of metal parts without abrasives grinding, strengthening and small deformation processing, the surface roughness of metal parts requirement, also can image, using the ultrasonic grinding device to the surface of the parts were pressed. In parts surface compressive stress at the same time, improve the parts surface microhardness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, extend the fatigue life.
Ultrasonic grinding device, the workpiece surface hardening layer, the layer with the internal materials have obvious stratification, easy to cause surface layer falls off. Technology is difficult, improper handling, easy to cause waste. Transmission mechanism to machine tool guideway, damage is very big, serious damage machine precision and life. Short service life of cutting tools, easily damaged, comprehensive use of the high cost. Cannot meet the slender rod with poor, thin wall pipe fittings such as rigid parts processing.
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