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Super gold left hand

Super gold left hand
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Region: Albania
Expiry Date: long-term effectiveness
Posted Date: 2022-09-29
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 Although the heart is anxious, but also do not feel can not stand, to New York do not have to think, it must go to the daughter-in-law's home, with the son's ability and financial resources, it is not to support the family, do not have to look at other people's face "and daughter-in-law Fu Ying and filial piety and sensible, her family also came when Fu Ying got married, all of them suffered from Ying Ying and Zhou Xuan, it should be said that there will be no possibility of disliking them.". But the old couple is also the first time to go abroad, out of the door so far, where can calm? And they don't know, in fact, with his son Zhou Xuan's financial and material resources, it's not difficult to buy luxury goods such as private aircraft and yachts, "even more powerful than some famous entrepreneurs, but Zhou Xuan never thought about living that kind of life," he always felt that as long as the money was enough, the family would be happy. Never pushed him and his family into the upper class life, and Fu Ying, because of his deep love for Zhou Xuan, never wanted to impose those lifestyles on Zhou Xuan, and had a good time with Zhou Xuan's family. After getting off the plane from New York International Airport, Fu Ying became the protagonist. Because Zhou Xuan and his parents could not speak English, Fu Ying called two taxis, first said the destination, and then asked her mother-in-law and father-in-law to take a car. Zhou Cangsong held Xiao Sizhou, Fu Ying and Zhou Xuan took a car, and Zhou Xuan held Xiao Sisi. Zhou Cangsong and Jin Xiumei looked around in the car. "The buildings on both sides of the street are very different from those in China. They are very novel. The road is also full of foreign devils with red hair, blue eyes and high noses. Occasionally, there are Asians." But there are fewer. It was not until after entering Chinatown that there were more Orientals with black hair and yellow skin on both sides of the road. Moreover, most of the storefronts on the street are advertising signs made of Chinese characters. Stop in front of the Fu family building and look at the magnificent building in front of them. "Jin Xiumei and Zhou Cangsong opened their mouths wide. This house is more magnificent than their son's villa in the capital.". Fu Ying rang the doorbell on the door. "Two men came out of the courtyard inside the big iron gate." It seemed that they were bodyguards invited by the Fu family. "Looking at the strange scene of Fu Ying's four adults and two children behind the iron bars,Rotating sludge scraper," he asked with some surprise and some vigilance: "Who are you?" These two bodyguards speak English, Fu Ying understands, Zhou Xuan also understands, opened the language communicator on the right hand, English is just a trivial matter. Fu Ying does not know these two bodyguards, "it is estimated that they are new," almost two years have not come back, the family has changed a lot, a little feeling of change. " I am Fu Ying, they are my husband, and my parents-in-law, "open the door quickly, report to my grandfather, say I came back!" The two bodyguards were stunned, but Fu Ying's name had been heard of, and the precious granddaughter of the Fu family "married to China, always heard Fu Tianlai say, MBR reactor ,Mechanical fine screen," but is it true? But looking at Fu Ying's appearance, I think it's possible, because the big plaque hanging in Fu Tianlai's hall "is the family photo of Fu's family, Fu Ying's amazing beauty, no matter who sees it, will never forget it." Now look at it, by comparison, the appearance is the same, but the temperament is different. Of course, this is different. Fu Ying was an unmarried woman who was "proud and cold" at that time, but now she is the mother of a daughter. She has been with the Zhou family for a long time. "Even the cold and proud character has completely changed." So the two bodyguards will feel a little surprised. But this kind of thing "they still dare not neglect, these days, but no one dares to pretend to be someone else's grandson-in-law or something, if it is, the identity of Fu's son-in-law, can not be sloppy.". A bodyguard hurriedly went in to report, a bodyguard opened the door, Fu Ying was very familiar with his own home, Zhou Xuan was no stranger, because he had been here before, two people led the way in front, leading Zhou Cangsong and Jin Xiumei to go inside. But before he reached the inner room, in the courtyard inside the gate, Fu Tianlai's voice came over: "Ying Ying.." You You're back? His voice was trembling and surprised, and then he appeared at the gate, holding Fu Yu and Hai in one hand, two old people, an old father and son. "Both of them have white hair, but Fu Yuhai is old and kind," while Fu Tianlai is powerful, the head of the Fu family consortium, and it is normal to have power. As soon as Fu Ying saw that "Grandpa and Zu Zu looked even older, tears suddenly burst out of his eyes. He ran a few steps and plunged into Fu Tianlai's arms, sobbing:" Grandpa, Zu Zu! " Fu Tianlai stroked Fu Ying's hair. "He sighed and said," Ying Ying, Zhou Xuan, you two are really cruel. "You don't come to see us. Look at your ancestors. I miss you so much that you can't eat or sleep." Fu Ying just cried, Zhou Xuan just stood behind with a smile, feeling in his heart that Fu Tianlai and Fu Yuhai's father and son were indeed a little old. Fu Tianlai patted Fu Ying on the shoulder and said, "Ying Ying, don't cry. Look, your parents-in-law are here. When you come back, you are the master. You can't be rude. And these two.." Ah Only then did Fu Tianlai realize that Zhou Xuan and Zhou Cangsong were each holding a child in their arms. This joy was really no small matter. He loosened Fu Ying and hurried forward a few steps. He hugged Xiao Sisi from Zhou Xuan's arms and then asked, "Zhou Xuan, go here.." "Grandpa, this is your niece" that ", Zhou Xuan introduced this in his arms" and then pointed to Zhou Cangsong holding Feng Busizhou and said, "that is your nephew, one is one year old, one is just one month old!" When Zhou Xuan talked about Xiao Sizhou, he said that Xiao Sizhou was a few months older. With such a nose,lamella tube, Fu Tianlai would not have any doubts. Fu Ying did not mention it to his family because he was worried about Zuzu's age and pregnancy. Fu Tianlai was so happy that he couldn't close his mouth. He hugged Xiao Sisi and kissed him again and again. The pink and beautiful child made his heart bloom. "Then he handed Xiao Sisi to his father Fu Yuhai." The old man took Xiao Sisi with trembling hands and feet, and couldn't help crying. Fu Tianlai went to Zhou Cangsong again and took Xiao Sizhou over. "The little guy is not afraid of life at all." He stared at Fu Tianlai tightly with a pair of eyes. Fu Tianlai smiled and stretched out his finger to touch his little face. "He said:" Great-grandfather, the little guy is really handsome. He looks a bit like Yingying! " 。 khnwatertreatment.com
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