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Vertical and horizontal flood and famine

Vertical and horizontal flood and famine
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Region: Albania
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Posted Date: 2022-09-29
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 Xueyao glanced up at Xiaoyao. Her eyes were full of doubts. "Remember!" She replied! What's the matter! It seems that at that time she was hit with all her strength and was seriously injured, but for the sake of the continuation of the race, she still insisted on protecting her younger generation to escape, sitting together as a woman, her behavior is really admirable, but she suffered such a serious injury, it should be a body injury! Why do you think she is? Is she not dead? Xueyao finally had a flash of inspiration in her mind and thought of the result. Xiaoyao looked at Xueyao with an appreciative look in his eyes. "Yao is really smart. It's true that Feng was not damaged that day, but you don't know that Feng was tracked all the way by my Fen Shen Feng Venerable. He saw Tianfeng with his descendants coming to a valley where the spirit of the five elements is still sufficient. The next thing is Nirvana." Then the Venerable Feng added a defensive array and a spiritual gathering array for him, so that today, hundreds of years later, Tianfeng was finally born from nirvana! After Xueyao heard Nirvana, she showed a look of doubt. Xiaoyao smiled and then said, Oh, the Phoenix Clan has a secret trick, that is, the rebirth of Nirvana. No matter how seriously injured they are, as long as they find a Reiki of the five elements, which is very rich and can support the Reiki used for the rebirth of Nirvana, they can slowly come back to life. After the rebirth of Nirvana, the cultivation will not decline. If the opportunity is good, perhaps because of this rebirth of Nirvana,Wall Penstocks, the cultivation and realm will go up again. This method is really wonderful and infinite! Xiaoyao praised a few words Xueyao, and then explained some of the secret things of the Phoenix clan for her, these things are not the average person can only know, after all, this is the Phoenix clan's life-saving trick, when necessary, can also fool the enemy, let the enemy think of their own body damage,disc air diffuser, in order to get a chance to survive. When Xueyao heard the reason for Xiaoyao's explanation, she couldn't help being surprised: "Ah!"! This wonderful method of the Phoenix Clan is really mysterious and infinite. Can we also learn this method? After all, it's really a good way to save your life. Xiaoyao shook his head and said, "No, this method can only be used for the Phoenix Clan. Other people can't use it. After all, when the Phoenix Clan is reborn from the ashes, they will transform a large amount of Reiki of the Five Elements into a unique flame in the body of the Phoenix clan, and then immerse themselves in the flame in the form of noumenon, slowly turning into nothingness, and then in this process of rebirth of desire." This flame will slowly absorb the surrounding five elements of Reiki, constantly supporting the burning of the flame, until the flame from quantitative change to qualitative change, the Phoenix people will be reborn. Xiaoyao paused and then went on to say, "Also, this secret method of Nirvana rebirth does not mean that it can be used as long as you are a member of the Phoenix Clan. It is also divided into three or six or nine grades. If you want to use this secret method of Nirvana rebirth, Belt Filter Press ,filter nozzle, the cultivation and realm of the person who uses it must reach the peak of Yasheng before it can be used safely. The monks of the Phoenix Clan below the period of Yasheng." Can't be used, and under the peak of Yasheng, the monks above the early stage of Yasheng, the success rate is divided like this: the success rate of the early Phoenix monks is about three layers; the success rate of the middle Phoenix monks is about six layers; the success rates of the late Phoenix monks are about nine layers! Now you know why the monks of the Phoenix Clan used this method to get the chance of rebirth when they were facing the attack of the Luo Demon Sect! Those with high cultivation were pestered by the masters of the Demon Sect, so they couldn't use this secret method. The monks whose cultivation was lower than the age of the sub-saint couldn't use it even if they wanted to. In the end, the whole Phoenix Clan was destroyed by the Demon Sect! Xiaoyao looked at Xueyao and wanted to ask what, and she was together for such a long time, how can not think of Xueyao asked what, therefore, finally Xiaoyao did not wait for Xueyao to ask, he said it first. Xueyao was Xiaoyao finally said so, but closed the mouth that wanted to speak, but the words were hard to hold back the feeling, really let Xueyao very uncomfortable, so he gave Xiaoyao a sanitary eye, in order to express his dissatisfaction with the fact that he had not yet opened his mouth. Three volumes of Lich Prehistoric Look ^ hand ^ hit ^ small ^ say ^ come "" or The new version of the train of thought has been opened, with fresh pictures, fast updates and fewer advertisements. Remember the new domain name: [Volume II Chapter 168 Living in the Valley of the Five Elements] ^ ^ Si ^ Lu ^ Zhong ^ Wen ^ Wang ^ ^ Www. CiLooK. Cn Pure ~ Hand ~ Play ~ Chapter 168 stay in the Five Elements Valley. Turn the camera to the five elements in the valley of the phoenix, but said the phoenix in the sad for a while, clean up the mood, now need to do is to find their own surviving clansmen, reorganize the phoenix clan. And now I can't help wasting my time here. Outside the valley, I just found ten monks who were above the age of Yasheng. Nine of them were monks at the same level as myself. In this way, there were so many monks with profound cultivation. I was sad just now, so Tianfeng didn't rest assured. But this tidied up their own mood, the mood is also a lot better, now think of those monks outside the valley, immediately let Tianfeng worry, after all, a person, and they have twelve people, the other three people for their own no threat, but the nine and their own level of cultivation, but it is dangerous to themselves, which has to let Tianfeng worry ah. Besides, in this valley, is not the only one, oneself a person also just, but there are their own children next to their own, they can't abandon it here, run away alone, this is not a mother should do things, also not as a congenital three clans should do things, therefore, Tianfeng is now entangled. And Long Jiu and others outside the Five Elements Valley, just now when the divine consciousness of Tianfeng was released and enveloped millions of miles around, took their cultivation as their realm. Of course, they discovered it before the divine consciousness of Tianfeng enveloped the place where they and others were,fine bubble diffuser, but this divine consciousness did not contain any hostility, but gave Long Jiu and others the feeling of confusion and doubt! Yes, it's the feeling of confusion and doubt. khnwatertreatment.com
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