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Why do people live?

Why do people live?
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Region: Albania
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Posted Date: 2022-09-29
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 Chapter 10 The Joy of Thinking Chapter 11 My View on Sinology Chapter 12 My View on the Difference between Western Happiness and Optimism Chapter 13 The Khwarezm Messenger Problem Chapter 14 about Style Chapter XV Personal Dignity Chapter 16 Wisdom and Sinology Chapter 17 My Spiritual Home Chapter 18 the misfortunes of the intellectuals. Chapter 19 about "Mei Ya" Chapter 20 Living Environment and Dignity Chapter 21 The Silent Majority Chapter 22 Natural and Cultural Landscapes Chapter 23 Work and Life Chapter 24 the reversal of life. The twenty-fifth chapter is the Brodale textual research on Chinese culture. Chapter 26 all kinds of superiority. Chapter 27 Life and Fiction Chapter 28 Long Worm, Straw Hat, Thin and Tall Chapter 29 from the Internet Chapter 30 refusal of compliments. Chapter 31 Working Experience Chapter 32 a maverick pig. Chapter 33 the Dutch ranch and the folks. Chapter 34 How do I do ideological work for young people? Chapter 35 rape and killing Chapter 36 Experience Life Chapter 37 Su Dongpo and Dongpo Meat. The thirty-eighth chapter is about the round sky and earth. Chapter 39 the coconut tree and equality. Chapter 40 concerns poverty. Chapter 41 To the New Year (1997) The forty-second chapter talks about the art of fiction from the Golden Age. Chapter 43 Preface to Trilogy of Doubt Chapter 44 Freud and Masochism Chapter 45 the story in the belly. Chapter 46 college entrance examination experience. Chapter One How lonely the lonely soul is! Hello, Milky Way! Your letter has been received. I think I know you now. You have a perfect soul. It's like a fascinating trophy. My soul is a little dark by comparison. Let me answer your question. You already know that my love for you is a little selfish. Really, who gets a pearl and doesn't want it to be his forever. Me, too. I know very well how beautiful your love is (which is seldom found by people!) How can I be willing to lose it. But I have a supreme principle, which is also my secret, and I never tell anyone about it. That is, it is not easy for man to know himself, because his senses are all outward. For example, man can see others, but he cannot see himself. He can have the slightest sense of others, but he is much more insensitive to himself. One's own thoughts can be grasped,Lamella Plate Settler, but who can grasp the source of one's own thoughts. Someone can write wonderful novels and music, but he can't say the direct reason why he can write these things. People, whether great or humble, are not very clear about themselves, that is, the deepest "self". This "self" is silent in many people. These people are silent and live the same life as yesterday day after day. In others,wall penstocks, it boils and brings endless suffering to its owner. What, you say, is it that makes blind Milton struggle to write poetry? It's not it. You see, a lot of people have made promises to him, and when Andershev said he was a poor man, he made up his mind that nothing could stop him except a gun. But what happened when he became rich? Feel at ease. As for me, I would rather it never be silent, even if it brought me any suffering. We all live, and we all live in the future. I prefer it to boil until the last second. I never hope that one day I will feel at ease and everything will be stable. I know that life and death are people's own business. No one can save another person's soul. It would be better if everyone had an endless soul. I wish my soul were, multi disc screw press ,rotary vacuum disc filters, as you say, a source, never to draw (which is impossible, of course). I want my ego to ring and writhe forever, like a dro of sugar on a bed of fire. I really don't want one day to feel that I have enough wisdom, enough to use, enough to distinguish right from wrong. You know I want everyone to have their own wisdom, and you know that I think everyone's soul can only be saved by themselves. So I would never want to take someone else's soul as my own. I only wish our souls could communicate, like a community twice as big. Do you know how lonely the lonely soul is, and how many weaknesses people have (this is the weakness that makes them cry). How much help and warmth a soul like you can give people! Open the door of your soul and let me in! With these beliefs, I want you to be absolutely free, and I want your soul to fly high. Of course, if you fall in love with someone else in the future, doesn't it mean that my soul is dim? In addition to jealousy, didn't it also announce that I was finished? How can you ask me to be elated at that moment. No one sings "The Sea Sails by the Helmsman" when they're finished, so you're asking too much. But from my reason at this time, it is better for you to leave me at that time. If I change my mind by then, it will be bad for me, and you can leave me. I have only one request, if I am still me at that time, you do not refuse me thousands of miles, but also make friends with me, and also a little tenderness, do not deliberately hurt me. I don't like to live a quiet life, and I don't like to get mixed up in vain. As for whether to get married or not, I don't like to think about it. I don't want any of the so-called indispensable things in the world. There is also the "love", "debt" and so on, which seems to be irrelevant. I only hope that you and I are good, do not suspect each other, do not praise each other, as usual, you talk to me as you talk to yourself,disc air diffuser, and I talk to you as I talk to myself. Come on, how about me? Xiaobo Wednesday Chapter 2 I am a camel. Hello, Milky Way: I read your letter. I can't believe I made you so sad. Damn me! I believe you must have misunderstood me in some way. khnwatertreatment.com
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