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ultrasonic sonochemistry machine

ultrasonic sonochemistry machine
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Region: Algeria
Expiry Date: long-term effectiveness
Posted Date: 2022-06-08
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 Ultrasonic grinding device can processing ultrasonic sonochemistry machine electrical conductivity and the electrical conductivity of all kinds of hard brittle materials, such as ceramics, gems, silicon, diamond, marble and other non-metallic materials, applies to the processing of low plasticity and hardness is higher than 40 HRC metal materials, such as hardened steel, hard alloy, titanium alloy, etc.
Due to the impact of the transient local workpiece materials mainly rely on grits, so the surface of the macro cutting force is small, heat cutting, will not change the surface deformation and extrusion of chemical/electrical properties, so the machining accuracy and surface quality are good. Compared with other material removal process, ultrasonic grinding device can achieve higher precision and surface finish. In most of the ultrasonic grinding equipment, can obtain the average surface roughness is 0.50 microns. Use the appropriate method, can get 0.25 microns of surface roughness.
Ultrasonic grinding device, which can be ultrasonic dispersion machine used with a softer material more complex shape tool, and don't need the relative motion of the complex tool and workpiece, can work out all kinds of complex cavity and profile. So the machine has simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance.
The consolidation of abrasive tools for machining of high frequency, intermittent machining, ultrasonic grinding device and cutting, grinding compound processing way, than simple ultrasonic grinding device and cutting grinding has more prominent advantages.
To better improve the machining precision ultrasonic dispersing machine and tool life. In normal ultrasonic grinding equipment, need to continue to abrasive slurry injection to the clearance between the tool and workpiece, and the need to keep the clearance between the tool and the workpiece in abrasive slurry discharge, as a result, material removal rate is low, when processing depth is larger, and even lead to stop processing. , the machined surface and abrasive slurry flows through to the polishing of finished surface, greatly influences the machining accuracy.
In addition, the abrasive wear effect on tools, led to increasing tool wear, which is difficult to guarantee the machining precision. And rotary ultrasonic grinding equipment using consolidation grinding tools for processing, no longer need the free abrasive suspension as processing medium, at the same time operating fluid flow more easily between the tool and the machining surface, easy to promote the production of ultrasonic cavitation effect, and can better for tools and processing surface cooling, timely take wear debris, and therefore normal ultrasonic grinding device DiGaoXing surface machining precision greatly.
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