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ultrasonic spray nozzle

ultrasonic spray nozzle
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Region: Algeria
Expiry Date: long-term effectiveness
Posted Date: 2022-06-08
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 Latest transducer bonding technology ultrasonic spray nozzle is based on the planar vibrator set, the specific process is as follows:
Draw a line 1) vibration plate plate sandblasting - (2) vibration plate plate correction - (3) clean copper wire mesh, fibres, oscillator, vibration plate - (4) oscillator adhesive - (5) fixture locating pressure - 7) baking curing - wiring - pet-name ruby seal plate welding
This two kinds of process to produce vibrator box from vibration plate, vibration energy efficiency, shock box life appearance, resonance/frequency bandwidth, dynamic impedance are the latest technology parameters, such as superior to the traditional process of vibration plate;
We make a preliminary comparison, ultrasonic handheld welder including (1), (2), end, pet-name ruby are consistent, quality differences are the two kinds of vibration plate (3), (4), (5, 6, 7) process;
In the "traditional" (3) the welding oscillator to install screw, is in the box plate surface to fixed screw Kong Zhenzi stud welding, the welding deformation process, also can make plate welding material properties change, not only cause vibration plate surface welding pits, also reduces the welding plate strength, hardness, easy to cause welding place appear in leakage phenomenon;
"Traditional" (4) correct the screw Ultrasonic nano dispersion in the vertical degree, is a correction using nut bar, screwing in welded stud, exerting force will stud twist to the vertical Yu Zhenban plate surface; This process has created the torsion vibration plate deformation, cause weld depressions bigger;
In the "traditional" (5) cleaning oscillator, vibration plate plate there is no external force factors; 6 oscillator bonding, twist, twist is using a wrench to gelatinize after screwing in installation of the stud vibrator twist in the vibration plate plate surface, in the process of twist, twist how much force will cause slight damage to usm, will also pits on the surface of the vibration plate to further increase, will cause the oscillator and the vibration plate bonding surface exist larger microscopic uneven surface, not only the appearance damage, more substantial damage to the vibration plate between the vibrator and flatness, which reduces the vibration plate efficiency and service life of the oscillator.
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