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Master of doom

Master of doom
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Region: Albania
Expiry Date: long-term effectiveness
Posted Date: 2022-09-29
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 Its legs are so long that it stands almost as high as a three-storey building. The sudden appearance of such a huge thing on the ground was really alarming. Roll! The white goose gave a sudden cry and opened its mouth and poked at the ground. Boom. The people around him ran away, only to see an arm-deep pit left on the ground where the white goose had poked him. The floor, which was clearly a marble slab, was like a piece of tofu under the mouth of the white goose, and a big hole was made in an instant. This, this, this, if you are poked, how painful it will be! The crowd took one look at the white goose, and no longer had the heart to deal with it. They shouted and fled in all directions, so fast that they could not see any signs of malnutrition. Wait, my brother hasn't come out yet. Mu An did not see the familiar figure because he looked left and right, and his face suddenly turned pale. I'm going back for him. With a murmur, Mu An turned his head and pushed the crowd away and ran back. The people around him looked at him with pity. His brother was lame on one foot. How could he run away? And he himself was blind in one eye, and he could not see clearly at all in this big night, and he would only die if he went back. But now that everyone is running for their lives, how can they stop him? Besides,medium duty racking, everyone knows that this pair of brothers have a good relationship with each other, and even if they really stop him, Mu Anyin may not listen. In the face of disaster, we should be busy with our own lives first! "Answer when you hear it, brother." Mu An looked around as he ran, but his voice was drowned in the noisy crowd and there was no response at all. Muanyin, I thought I saw your brother over there. Suddenly a man jumped out and pointed out a direction to Muanyin,heavy duty metal racking, which was where the white goose was going. Thank you, thank you. Mu Anyin did not see the other side's face clearly, repeatedly expressed his gratitude, and then ran in the direction of the man. I ran from there, too. Why didn't I see his brother? Someone felt wrong and couldn't help saying. Is it? I just saw the man and thought he looked like his brother. The guide smiled. "It's too dark for me to see clearly." "Oh." But a few people who knew the man could not help sneering. Heard that before the construction team enrollment written examination, this person also went, the score ranked third, after the brothers. Now suddenly so good to give people directions, saying that there is no trick to believe! "I just saw it anyway." The guide stiffened his neck and said a word, then plunged into the crowd and slipped away quietly. The closer we get to the direction of the white goose, the fewer people there are, and the more things Mu An can see, industrial racking systems ,heavy duty cantilever racks, and the voice of shouting is no longer blocked by people. Brother, brother! Mu An opened his throat, his voice was very loud in the open place, and the big white goose stopped and turned its head, as if wondering who dared to shout in front of it? "Rolling." The big white goose looked at Mu Anyin and shouted, and his voice almost broke his eardrum. Mu An took two steps back in place, and the head of the big white goose stretched forward a little, moving again, and the same was true. Awful. An anxious look appeared on Mu An's face, and just at this moment, a voice came from the corner that Mu An was happy to forget his immediate crisis. Brother, I'm here. It's my brother! Mu An looked back at the sound and found his brother sitting on the ground with his back against the tent, his healthy foot stained with blood. I'm afraid that's why his brother can only hide there and not move. Brother, wait for me. I'll be right over. Mu An said in a low voice and took a small step in the direction of Mu An Ri. Brother, be careful! Mu Anri saw the big white goose behind his brother suddenly move and couldn't help shouting. Mu An turned his head subconsciously and saw a huge bright red beak. Move out of my way At that time, just as Mu An could not help closing his eyes and waiting for death to come, more than a dozen people who were covered with their whole bodies flew down from all directions. With a gun in one hand and a dagger in the other, they tacitly occupied all directions of the big white goose. Brother, come here quickly. Mu Anri urged over there, and Mu Anyin hurriedly ran toward his brother. Roll, roll, roll — — The movements of the big white goose are very agile, looking at this dozen of murderous people do not give in at all, but the tone becomes light up. In his opinion, these dozen little insects are nothing at all. What it wants to find is the two bastards who picked themselves up from the nest and threw themselves here at night! "Captain, this big white goose has probably been awake for a long time." Several team members tried to insert the dagger into the body of the big white goose, but their wrists were very painful. Change guns! "Yes." Mu Anyin Mu Anri brothers, namely Lin Yinwu and Yan Chengjiu, looked at each other and pulled the distance apart without showing any trace. If they didn't know that these special forces were lurking behind, they wouldn't have made such a disgusting appearance. Fortunately, they have been acting for so long, but they still have some effect. You see, aren't they coming out now? The skill of these special forces is extraordinary, the shoes under their feet seem to be very high-tech, a slight jump can jump on the body of this big white goose, as well as the wrist guard on their hands, which also greatly improves the strength of their fists. The whole body is in a mess, and I don't know how much it costs! But the effect is also very obvious. This big white goose was specially driven by Lin Yinwu and Yan Chengjiu, and its strength was almost on top of a dozen ordinary Yang selectors. But even so, with the tacit cooperation of these special forces,metal racking systems, the big white goose only lasted less than half an hour and fell down completely. This kind of combat power, no wonder the Yang election of the Yang League is so arrogant, also dare not go to the national base to be presumptuous!. kingmoreracking.com
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