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ultrasonic emulsifying machine

ultrasonic emulsifying machine
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Region: Algeria
Expiry Date: long-term effectiveness
Posted Date: 2022-06-08
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 Ultrasonic grinding is used ultrasonic emulsifying machine in the process of grinding wheel (or workpieces) a kind of technology of the forced vibration of grinding method. When the magnetization of the ultrasonic generator power supply, the supply of nickel magneto telescopic transducer must be super audio frequency current and magnetizing with direct current, within the transducer coil produces ultrasonic frequency of alternating magnetic field and polarization of constant magnetic field, the transducer can produce the same frequency longitudinal mechanical vibration, transfer to the amplitude at the same time, and the amplitude amplification to the preset value, promote resonance vibration cutting tool rod. Luffing rod, rod with generator output of ultrasonic frequency in resonance condition, the formation of Ultrasonic emulsifier machines a resonant system and its protection should be on the displacement of the node.
Ultrasonic grinding equipment of ultrasonic ultrasonic extraction cbd vibration cutting from microcosmic point of view is a kind of cutting. In a vibration period, the effective cutting time is very short, and artifacts in greater than 80% of the time, chip separation completely. And artifacts, chip intermittent contact, which makes the friction is smaller, the heat generated is greatly reduced, a significant reduction in the cutting force, to avoid the common phenomenon when cutting, and does not produce the devolop.
We also need to pay attention to is that ultrasonic vibration platform in the process of running itself produces heat, if using the environment does not have enough equipment cooling conditions will cause damage because of overheating. There are some parts in the ultrasonic vibration platform under low temperature condition also can appear damaged, ultrasonic vibration platform can in fifteen degrees below zero to above 40 degrees Celsius zero environments.
Ultrasonic vibration platform in the process of operation can produce bigger vibration, if use environment foundation existed uneven phenomenon will cause uneven stress, so requires flat on the ground. Although it level, but not solid will be damaged in the process of vibration, lead to uneven problems, so the stress of the ground meets the requirements.
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